Wigginton Baptist Chapel

  • 7 Chesham Road
  • Wigginton
  • Herts
  • HP23 6HH


12th Century: a Parish Church existed in Wigginton.

17th Century: a Baptist Church existed in Tring.

1852: High Street Baptist Church, Tring, provided superintendency of the Lord's Day evenings for Wigginton Village.

1858: Preaching at The Orchard (next to the Parish Church) by Pastor George Wyard of Akeman Street Baptist Chapel.

1870: Services for the nonconformist community held in a converted blacksmith's shop adjoining The Orchard for over 30 years. These were started by Mr. H. Le Grange, a local farmer. A Sunday School was inaugurated.

1880s: A large barn was used at Park Farm as the blacksmith's shop was no longer large enough.

1904: Lord Rothschild generously gifted land for the purpose of building a Chapel for Baptist ministry. Frederick Butcher, Mr. Fulks and Mr. Eggleton, along with other friends were given responsibility for the project.

1920: A Communion Service in the afternoon started.

1922: An American organ was installed.

1946: Trevor Wright and his wife started to lead the work at Wigginton Baptist Chapel.

1949: Mr and Mrs D Parker took over as leaders.

1951: Harold Miller oversaw the work of Secretary following the departure of the Parkers. Wilfred Burch, treasurer, and Mr Eustace took responsibility for the Sunday School. Mrs T Wright took over the Women's Meeting.

1957: A new organ was purchased. Copies of the FIEC magazine "Fellowship" began to be delivered to homes.

1972: Margaret Batchelor took over leadership of the Women's Meeting.

1989: John Young was appointed as Pastor and Derrick Moynan as Secretary. Jungle Trail started for children on Wednesdays in the local school. Molly Moynan took over supervision of the Women's Meeting. John Young reached out to the local community with the Challenge newspaper. Colin Groome, an evangelist with Home Evangelism, provided support.

1990: A piano and a new keyboard replaced the old pedal organ.

1991: The main service was moved to the morning. An occasional Family Service started. A Constitution was written and accepted guiding Chapel membership.

1992: Fellowship Day inaugurated at the Young's.

1996: Coffee Corner declared open for fellowship on Thursdays by Derrick and Molly Moynan.

2000: Music Box for under 5s started under the leadership of Lorraine Tritton.

2008: John and Audrey Young stepped down from church leadership. Lorraine Tritton took over as Secretary. Ann began leading Welcome Hour when Molly (& Derrick) moved away.

2010: Duncan Fudge was appointed as Pastor.

2012+: We are grateful to the many visiting preachers who have led our services.

2017: Andrew Muchunga appointed as Pastor.

2018+: We look forward to welcoming our visiting preachers.

Many thanks to John Young for the information gathered to complete this timeline. His booklet - Wigginton Baptist Chapel 1904-2004, A Brief History - was used as the main source.